All humans need to Survive on is our Sun

 Energy from the Sun Saves the Earth

    Many people go through their entire day not once thinking about how the energy we receive affects the world we live in. There are many types of energy in the world, such as nuclear energy, wind power, and solar power energy. They provide us with the majority of energy we receive in the world. Some people want to use energy that is the safest for ourselves and the world we live in, but other people want to just use energy that is convenient and cheap. There are many different ways to produce energy, but by advertising my campaign and showing how solar power is the cleanest, smartest, and cheapest way to produce energy; would show people how to improve the world we live in and decide to choose Solar power. Unfortunately, wind Power has given people the idea that it is the most productive and safest way to produce energy. Wind power is a green renewable energy source but it has more negative qualities than there are good. Advertising my campaign would show people that wind power should not be used in the world because of the harmful situations that can occur. While developing the visual aspect of the campaign we can visually show people the negatives of wind power, and highlight these facts I am about to inform you about. Some of the good qualities wind power has are they do not pollute the air, and it is a renewable source that can never run out. But there are many bad qualities such as; when there is not enough wind during the day the wind turbines do not generate power. Also when it is too windy out the Engineers have to shut the wind turbines off because there is a fear that the spindles will break off. When the wind turbines are not producing enough energy or if they are shut off due to weather, they use a back up power plant to produce the rest of the energy that is needed. This causes more electricity to be used because the power plant can not be shut off, they have to keep them running. They are set on a lower setting because shutting them off would take too long to turn on because when the wind turbines do not produce enough energy, they need the power plants to produce the rest of the energy right away. Wind powered turbines take up acres of land and they only produce half the amount of energy, while a power plant produces more energy while taking up a small amount of land (Burnett 521). Europe has two areas of land, both containing thousands of acres of wind turbines but “…together they take a year to produce less than four days output from a single 2,000-megawatt conventional power station-which takes up 100 times fewer acres” (Burnett 521). Wind power turbines take up acres of land that do not produce enough energy, proving that wind power is not the way to improve the world. Pulling these facts into my campaign will show people how much electricity is wasted in our world, and I am hoping that they will want to fix the problem right away. The wind turbines are not only very noisy machines that take up acres of land that produce low amounts of energy but they also kill many birds and bats (Burnett 521-522). The wind farms have to be put in locations with a constant flow of wind so the turbines can work properly. Many birds migrate through the areas where wind farms are located because they need the steady flow of wind. Many birds and bats have been caught by the wind turbines, causing them to die. Scientists estimate that around 44,000 birds have been killed in the last twenty years by wind turbines. Many species of birds have been murdered by these machines, such as Bald Eagles, Kestrels, Red-Tailed hawks and Golden Eagles; about fifty Golden Eagles have been killed each year. The United States’ birds are not the only birds to get caught in these machines; Tarif Spain has thousands of birds die, that are from thirteen species protected under the European Union law. Other than birds, about 400 bats have also been caught in these wind turbines, such as Red bats, Eastern Pipistrelles, Hoary Bats and endangered Indiana bats. People are trying to pass a law that states you can not produce wind turbines in areas where birds are going to be migrating (Burnett 522). Wind power is an energy that was thought to be helpful to the world, but it is causing more harm to the environment than it is doing good. Another form of energy is nuclear fission, which is a toxic substance if you are exposed to its radiation. Nuclear Fission is a very useful way of creating energy in a large amount; but it is very dangerous if consumed. Scientists show evidence proving that nuclear Fission is very dangerous; during the tragedy of Chernobyl scientists believe that there were about 6,000 cases of thyroid cancer, and they expect many more cases to show up years later (Robinson 499). Nuclear fission is not only dangerous to our health but it is dangerous to the world. The Earth is very unpredictable, at random times in the world tectonic movement, volcanism, and violent weather occurs. We try to predict when the next weather disaster is about to occur in the world by using our latest computers and technology, but the beauty of mother nature is that it is unpredictable and unstoppable. For my campaign we could show a chart of the deaths in Chernobyl or the natural occurrences in our Earth that are occurring. If a natural disaster occurs and a nuclear plant is hit, the air is automatically filled with pollution that will harm our bodies, animals, the water supply and will slowly contaminate the world (Robinson 499). I would also like to add a motion picture of the world slowly getting consumed and destroyed by nuclear fission. This will strike people with fear of their Earth getting slowly destroyed by the children of God. Scientists also found out that “In the Chernobyl incident, a cloud of radioactive smoke and steam spread contamination across hundreds of square miles; even after 25 years, a 20-mile radius around the ruined plant remains off-limits and uninhabitable (Robinson 499). Nuclear fission is a more self-sufficient way of creating energy but it hurts our planet Earth more than there are benefits. Solar energy is safer, greener and a less costly way of producing energy, that is better for the world. Solar energy uses sunlight to produce energy (The Benefits of Solar Energy). In Ausra, they use a compact linear Fresnel reflector, which is a large array of mirrors that can be many acres long. They are arranged in parallel rows that are anchored to metal frames held about 6 feet off the ground. The mirrors are individual panels that are controlled by computers. The panels make hundreds of different movements tracking the sun moving across the sky. The mirrors absorb the sun’s rays and reflect that to pipes that are stationed above the mirrors.  The pipes can reach temperatures of 750 degrees producing steam in the pipes causing there to be a large amount of pressure. The pressure feeds into a turbine that generates the electricity that Ausra receives. This type of solar plant can produce energy for at least 3,500 homes (Dickerson 508). For my campaign I would like to show a model of a house that has solar pannels and arows  and captions to show and illustrate how it works There are many benefits from using solar power energy such as, it is clean renewable, affordable, and it will be available to humans forever. Using solar power produces no pollution, so the air and water will be clean and free of poison. The solar panels are able to store enough energy during the day, so when the sun is no longer up people can still use the stored energy. People can insert solar panels to generate free energy instead of putting regular rooftop shingles that cost more. Solar energy used to be more expensive but now that we know more about it it has became less expensive compared to fossil fuels (The Benefits of Solar Energy). Solar energy is a better way of creating energy because it is safer for the environment and the health of people. Solar energy is more effective than nuclear and wind power energy. Solar energy creates a more green friendly ecosystem with no pollution, as nuclear energy creates poisonous toxins only if a natural disaster occurred and destroyed the nuclear Energy plant. Solar energy also produces a mass amount of energy that is not expensive to produce while wind turbines take up acres of land and only produce a small amount of energy. Nuclear Energy produces health risks for animals and humans while wind turbines massacre birds and bats from all over the world. We need to show people the horrible effects of nuclear and wind power energy that is effecting our Earth. People need to take action in helping our world that we live in; the Earth will only stay alive if we help it instead of slowly killing it. We need to care about the health of people and animals that live in this world. So installing solar panels for your house will help our world become safer and greener. I would like to put the ad on television so we can change and inform the viewers about the positives of solar power and the negatives of nuclear energy and wind power. In the ad we can show how installing solar panels will be cheaper for them in the long run because they will not have to buy fossil fuels, such as coal. In the ad we can show a short film and have a narrator talk and describe what the future will be like if we do not convert to solar power.  The narrator can say something similar to this: imagine how the world will look in the year 2050. If we keep using nuclear energy; the world will have towns that are deserted because a nuclear plant was destroyed by tornadoes or other natural disasters, causing a huge mass of nuclear energy to seep into the town’s air and water supply. The town is like a ghost town, abandon with all of their happy family pictures, toys left in the schoolyard, dead fish floating in the water, and what could have been a happy town is now a vacant one. People will no longer know what it was like to see a Bald Eagle soar into the sky so graceful and full of life, because the wind turbines will have made all the eagles or other birds extinct. Telling people about Solar Power will help the world we live in stay beautiful and full of life. We have a choice to either make Earth pure again or let people who are unaware slowly destroy it. Thank you for letting me take your time I hope you consider to advertise my campaign.


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