Becoming a better writer

How my writing has evolved

    I feel that my writing has and has not changed this semester. I feel that I have weaknesses and strengths to my writings. I love to write and I would always like to learn new techniques to write better papers.

I feel that most of my strengths in writing papers is knowing what information should be put in my papers instead of inserting every detail. I feel that one of my major strengths is I know when to incorporate quotes in sentences. I find it fun to try to write a sentence then put the quote into my paper instead of writing she said then insert quote. I also feel that I know how to organize my papers, and make them flow in the correct order.

Some of my weaknesses are hard for me to fix, I have always struggled with them and I notice that it effects my papers and that if I fix them then my papers will be stronger and more powerful. I know I struggle with my grammar, and I struggle with knowing when to use the right punctuation with what situation. For example I notice that I struggle to figure out when I should use a comma and when I should use a semi colon. I always have my family and friends proofread my papers and tell me what to fix or how to improve it. I also need to improve the way my sentences flow, I can write strong sentences but I need to make them flow into each other smoothly.

    I have learned some new things this semester such as how to use a block quote in my papers. I have also only written research papers, I have never written papers like the fairy tales where we have to pretend we are writing in a magazine or trying to persuade someone to use my campaign. Some things that I can do to help my writing is I can still have people edit  my papers. I will still proofread my papers and try to reword sentences. I will always try to check my grammar and punctuation. I love to write so any new tips or ways I can improve my writing helps.


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