Becoming a better writer

How my writing has evolved

    I feel that my writing has and has not changed this semester. I feel that I have weaknesses and strengths to my writings. I love to write and I would always like to learn new techniques to write better papers.

I feel that most of my strengths in writing papers is knowing what information should be put in my papers instead of inserting every detail. I feel that one of my major strengths is I know when to incorporate quotes in sentences. I find it fun to try to write a sentence then put the quote into my paper instead of writing she said then insert quote. I also feel that I know how to organize my papers, and make them flow in the correct order.

Some of my weaknesses are hard for me to fix, I have always struggled with them and I notice that it effects my papers and that if I fix them then my papers will be stronger and more powerful. I know I struggle with my grammar, and I struggle with knowing when to use the right punctuation with what situation. For example I notice that I struggle to figure out when I should use a comma and when I should use a semi colon. I always have my family and friends proofread my papers and tell me what to fix or how to improve it. I also need to improve the way my sentences flow, I can write strong sentences but I need to make them flow into each other smoothly.

    I have learned some new things this semester such as how to use a block quote in my papers. I have also only written research papers, I have never written papers like the fairy tales where we have to pretend we are writing in a magazine or trying to persuade someone to use my campaign. Some things that I can do to help my writing is I can still have people edit  my papers. I will still proofread my papers and try to reword sentences. I will always try to check my grammar and punctuation. I love to write so any new tips or ways I can improve my writing helps.


Racial Diverisy in Maple Heights

Increasing Racial Diversity

    In order for a community to work properly it must be fair to everyone, it must show that everyone in that community is worthy. Maple Heights has a very low percentage of  minorities working as policemen and firefighters. Shaila Dewan author of “Mostly White Forces in Mostly Black Towns: Police Struggle for Racial Diversity”, covers the overall problems with Maple Heights and racial diversity. There are no minorities working in the fire departments and only two working in the police departments. The percentage of minorities that are police officers in larger cities such as Cleveland are very high, but in cities such as Maple Heights and Ferguson the percentage is very low. A sociologist at Queens College discovered that in the areas where the population held mostly minorities there was a greater number of white officers, even though there was a lower percentage of white persons in the population (Dewan). The police department, not having many minorities causes the community to not be represented the way it should. Meanwhile other towns near Maple Heights have a higher level of diversity, therefore they represent their community. When departments reflect their community it allows the people to trust them and not jump to conclusions when a crisis occurs. Many residents in the community have different opinions on whether there should be more minorities in the departments, because some people feel that it is the “…attitude, experience and training of the officer, not race, that mattered” (Dewan). Chris Turney believes that it is important for officers to live in the city, and that they do not try to get to know anyone, they just need to get the job done (Dewan). Detective Ericka Payne, who is from Bedford Heights states that there are differences with the way Maple Heights and Bedford Heights departments interact with the community. She said they try to be a “…bit more community oriented. Because we are a little bit more diverse…”(Dewan). Several Maple Heights officials felt that there was never a problem with diversity in their departments. They felt this way because the police force has shrunk from the foreclosure crisis, and it has been hard to find qualified candidates of any race. Chief Popielarczyk said that “The real goal of the department is to provide qualified officers who are competent and can provide quality service regardless of race” (Dewan). In order to get into the police field you have to pass a written, physical agility, psychological test, a polygraph and a background check. (Dewan) In Maple Heights candidates are considered on how high their written exam was; they can earn bonus points for previous training, military experience and city residency. When the department is looking to hire somebody new, they look at the next qualified person by the score they received on the exam. However in Cleveland Heights, when they want to hire a new employee in either department they look at the top ten candidates, which can help create more of a racial diversity. Cleveland Heights also allows more diversity by offering two types of positions. One position requires the candidates to take a Civil Service exam and have a college degree. The other is a lower tier called basic patrol where you do not need a college degree. People who apply for or receive the basic patrol will eventually earn a degree and work their way to the upper tier (Dewan). Recently residents from Maple Heights formed a committee called the Maple Heights Citizens for Change. (Dewan).  The purpose of creating this committee was to persuade the city to hire more minorities. One of the committee members, Elaine Stone found a forgotten affirmative action agreement  that was signed by the mayor of Maple Heights, who agreed that “…within three years minorities would make up at least 4 percent of its police and fire departments” (Dewan). The mayor stated that in order to stay true to that agreement he would have to know what a minority was considered, because he considered us all minorities. The committee made many calls to the mayor and the Maple Heights director to try to get them to listen to their story, but they never called back. Mr. Ross, one of the black voters, emotionally stated that even in 40 years they still cannot find any African-American policemen (Dewan).

I am here today to talk to the police academy to inform you on what has been going on and what needs to change because it is injustice. In Maple Heights the fire departments have no minorities; they have a 100% white staff and in the police department they have two black officers. There is a large population of minorities that live in Maple Heights but they do not work in the police or fire departments, the departments are  mostly made up of a white population (Dewan). Maple Heights  in forty years has not changed the hiring process in the fire and police departments. The main problem in Maple Heights is that there is not enough racial diversity among the fire and police departments, causing the community to not be reflected how it should be.

If Maple Heights changed the way that they hired people for police or firefighter positions they would be able to have more of a racial diversity in their departments. Maple Heights rank their candidates by the highest score to the lowest score on their written exam. People can earn bonus points on the exam by having previous training, military experience and city residency (Dewan). I feel this needs to change, because if a new family moved near Maple Heights and wants to have a position in one of the departments, they would not receive the bonus points which would restrict them from maybe getting the job. If Maple Heights developed Cleveland Heights’ way of hiring employees they would be more successful at having more  racial diversity in their departments. Cleveland Heights officials consider the top ten candidates on the list, which gives them more of a variety for racial diversity. Another example of how Cleveland Heights helps the community is that they provide two options when applying to become a police officer. One of the options requires the Civil Service exam, and a college degree. The second option is a lower tier and it is called basic patrol. The basic patrol officer is hired and does not require a college diploma.  Usually the basic patrol officer will want to work their way up to upper tier by earning their degree. The basic patrol is a great opportunity for people, because if you dropped out of school and want to improve or change your life they could choose the basic patrol officer and work their way up. Maple Heights was asked why they do not look at the top ten of the candidates like other police departments, instead of  just selecting the top candidate on the list (Dewan). Chief Popielarczyk stated that they “…always [did] it that way. My understanding is that that’s how we’re supposed to do it” (Dewan). The head Chief not trying to better their departments helped cause the problem of the lack of racial diversity.

I feel that if we develop a new hiring system, it would create more of a racial diversity representing the community that the people live in (Dewan). If there were more minorities in the police and fire departments it would make the community have an “…easier time building trust and defusing, rather than escalating, tense situations” (Dewan). For example in Ferguson the shooting of the young black man, there were fifty three police officers and four of them were black. If there were more of a diversity in the community they would not have been outraged, they would have acted in a calmer manner (Dewan).  People want their community to be represented accurately, so having a racial diversity instead of a few minorities in the departments helps balance out the community.  We need to respect everyone’s talents and give everyone a fair chance in getting this job. So thank you for listening to me today, we are looked up to when there is danger, we are the people that are called when someone needs help, we can not have people fear us of not treating everyone fairly when we are here to save them from dangers. I hope that everyone takes this into account and if you see any discrimination anywhere that you try to act on this. Our world is precious and we need to treat everyone in this world that way.

Racial diversity in the police and fire departments that have a large population of minorities in large towns is the key to a happy and successful town. People want to be able to trust the police and if there is a racial diversity, most people would feel like there is not racism going on when a tragedy occurs. Racial diversity in the community makes people work together, it offers more opportunities for people to be hired and it will represent the community that they live in.

All humans need to Survive on is our Sun

 Energy from the Sun Saves the Earth

    Many people go through their entire day not once thinking about how the energy we receive affects the world we live in. There are many types of energy in the world, such as nuclear energy, wind power, and solar power energy. They provide us with the majority of energy we receive in the world. Some people want to use energy that is the safest for ourselves and the world we live in, but other people want to just use energy that is convenient and cheap. There are many different ways to produce energy, but by advertising my campaign and showing how solar power is the cleanest, smartest, and cheapest way to produce energy; would show people how to improve the world we live in and decide to choose Solar power. Unfortunately, wind Power has given people the idea that it is the most productive and safest way to produce energy. Wind power is a green renewable energy source but it has more negative qualities than there are good. Advertising my campaign would show people that wind power should not be used in the world because of the harmful situations that can occur. While developing the visual aspect of the campaign we can visually show people the negatives of wind power, and highlight these facts I am about to inform you about. Some of the good qualities wind power has are they do not pollute the air, and it is a renewable source that can never run out. But there are many bad qualities such as; when there is not enough wind during the day the wind turbines do not generate power. Also when it is too windy out the Engineers have to shut the wind turbines off because there is a fear that the spindles will break off. When the wind turbines are not producing enough energy or if they are shut off due to weather, they use a back up power plant to produce the rest of the energy that is needed. This causes more electricity to be used because the power plant can not be shut off, they have to keep them running. They are set on a lower setting because shutting them off would take too long to turn on because when the wind turbines do not produce enough energy, they need the power plants to produce the rest of the energy right away. Wind powered turbines take up acres of land and they only produce half the amount of energy, while a power plant produces more energy while taking up a small amount of land (Burnett 521). Europe has two areas of land, both containing thousands of acres of wind turbines but “…together they take a year to produce less than four days output from a single 2,000-megawatt conventional power station-which takes up 100 times fewer acres” (Burnett 521). Wind power turbines take up acres of land that do not produce enough energy, proving that wind power is not the way to improve the world. Pulling these facts into my campaign will show people how much electricity is wasted in our world, and I am hoping that they will want to fix the problem right away. The wind turbines are not only very noisy machines that take up acres of land that produce low amounts of energy but they also kill many birds and bats (Burnett 521-522). The wind farms have to be put in locations with a constant flow of wind so the turbines can work properly. Many birds migrate through the areas where wind farms are located because they need the steady flow of wind. Many birds and bats have been caught by the wind turbines, causing them to die. Scientists estimate that around 44,000 birds have been killed in the last twenty years by wind turbines. Many species of birds have been murdered by these machines, such as Bald Eagles, Kestrels, Red-Tailed hawks and Golden Eagles; about fifty Golden Eagles have been killed each year. The United States’ birds are not the only birds to get caught in these machines; Tarif Spain has thousands of birds die, that are from thirteen species protected under the European Union law. Other than birds, about 400 bats have also been caught in these wind turbines, such as Red bats, Eastern Pipistrelles, Hoary Bats and endangered Indiana bats. People are trying to pass a law that states you can not produce wind turbines in areas where birds are going to be migrating (Burnett 522). Wind power is an energy that was thought to be helpful to the world, but it is causing more harm to the environment than it is doing good. Another form of energy is nuclear fission, which is a toxic substance if you are exposed to its radiation. Nuclear Fission is a very useful way of creating energy in a large amount; but it is very dangerous if consumed. Scientists show evidence proving that nuclear Fission is very dangerous; during the tragedy of Chernobyl scientists believe that there were about 6,000 cases of thyroid cancer, and they expect many more cases to show up years later (Robinson 499). Nuclear fission is not only dangerous to our health but it is dangerous to the world. The Earth is very unpredictable, at random times in the world tectonic movement, volcanism, and violent weather occurs. We try to predict when the next weather disaster is about to occur in the world by using our latest computers and technology, but the beauty of mother nature is that it is unpredictable and unstoppable. For my campaign we could show a chart of the deaths in Chernobyl or the natural occurrences in our Earth that are occurring. If a natural disaster occurs and a nuclear plant is hit, the air is automatically filled with pollution that will harm our bodies, animals, the water supply and will slowly contaminate the world (Robinson 499). I would also like to add a motion picture of the world slowly getting consumed and destroyed by nuclear fission. This will strike people with fear of their Earth getting slowly destroyed by the children of God. Scientists also found out that “In the Chernobyl incident, a cloud of radioactive smoke and steam spread contamination across hundreds of square miles; even after 25 years, a 20-mile radius around the ruined plant remains off-limits and uninhabitable (Robinson 499). Nuclear fission is a more self-sufficient way of creating energy but it hurts our planet Earth more than there are benefits. Solar energy is safer, greener and a less costly way of producing energy, that is better for the world. Solar energy uses sunlight to produce energy (The Benefits of Solar Energy). In Ausra, they use a compact linear Fresnel reflector, which is a large array of mirrors that can be many acres long. They are arranged in parallel rows that are anchored to metal frames held about 6 feet off the ground. The mirrors are individual panels that are controlled by computers. The panels make hundreds of different movements tracking the sun moving across the sky. The mirrors absorb the sun’s rays and reflect that to pipes that are stationed above the mirrors.  The pipes can reach temperatures of 750 degrees producing steam in the pipes causing there to be a large amount of pressure. The pressure feeds into a turbine that generates the electricity that Ausra receives. This type of solar plant can produce energy for at least 3,500 homes (Dickerson 508). For my campaign I would like to show a model of a house that has solar pannels and arows  and captions to show and illustrate how it works There are many benefits from using solar power energy such as, it is clean renewable, affordable, and it will be available to humans forever. Using solar power produces no pollution, so the air and water will be clean and free of poison. The solar panels are able to store enough energy during the day, so when the sun is no longer up people can still use the stored energy. People can insert solar panels to generate free energy instead of putting regular rooftop shingles that cost more. Solar energy used to be more expensive but now that we know more about it it has became less expensive compared to fossil fuels (The Benefits of Solar Energy). Solar energy is a better way of creating energy because it is safer for the environment and the health of people. Solar energy is more effective than nuclear and wind power energy. Solar energy creates a more green friendly ecosystem with no pollution, as nuclear energy creates poisonous toxins only if a natural disaster occurred and destroyed the nuclear Energy plant. Solar energy also produces a mass amount of energy that is not expensive to produce while wind turbines take up acres of land and only produce a small amount of energy. Nuclear Energy produces health risks for animals and humans while wind turbines massacre birds and bats from all over the world. We need to show people the horrible effects of nuclear and wind power energy that is effecting our Earth. People need to take action in helping our world that we live in; the Earth will only stay alive if we help it instead of slowly killing it. We need to care about the health of people and animals that live in this world. So installing solar panels for your house will help our world become safer and greener. I would like to put the ad on television so we can change and inform the viewers about the positives of solar power and the negatives of nuclear energy and wind power. In the ad we can show how installing solar panels will be cheaper for them in the long run because they will not have to buy fossil fuels, such as coal. In the ad we can show a short film and have a narrator talk and describe what the future will be like if we do not convert to solar power.  The narrator can say something similar to this: imagine how the world will look in the year 2050. If we keep using nuclear energy; the world will have towns that are deserted because a nuclear plant was destroyed by tornadoes or other natural disasters, causing a huge mass of nuclear energy to seep into the town’s air and water supply. The town is like a ghost town, abandon with all of their happy family pictures, toys left in the schoolyard, dead fish floating in the water, and what could have been a happy town is now a vacant one. People will no longer know what it was like to see a Bald Eagle soar into the sky so graceful and full of life, because the wind turbines will have made all the eagles or other birds extinct. Telling people about Solar Power will help the world we live in stay beautiful and full of life. We have a choice to either make Earth pure again or let people who are unaware slowly destroy it. Thank you for letting me take your time I hope you consider to advertise my campaign.

Fiary Tales that Teach Millions of Lessons

Cinderella Emerging Victorious

When people say the words fairytale many words pop into your head. Some words might be hero, knight, happily ever after, magic, and an evil sorcerer. There are many fairy tales in the world and most of them have strong meaningful messages and lessons to be taught.  In the story of  “Cinderella” by Jakob and Wilhem Grimm, there are many differences with their story and the other versions of “Cinderella”. In this version of  “Cinderella” her mother became very sick and told the daughter to always be very good and pious and that God will help her. Once her mother passed Cinderella wept at her grave and remained pious and good. Her dad became married again to a lady who had two daughters who now became Cinderella’s stepsisters and mother. Her evil stepmother and sisters took all of her things and stuck her in dirty clothes and wooden shoes. They made her do chores from sunrise to sun set. Her father went to the fair and asked the daughters what they wanted him to bring back from them. Cinderella asked for the first branch that knocks into his hat and when her father gives Cinderella the branch she plants it at her mother’s grave, transforming the branch into a tall tree by watering it with her tears. A white bird appears at the tree and will bring Cinderella anything that she wishes for. One day the King decided to hold a three day festival for his son to choose a bride. Cinderella had wanted to go to the festival as well, and her stepmother said no because she had no clothes, but if she could pick all the lentils out of the ashes she could go to the festival (Grimm 241-242) She was still not allowed to attend the festival but, she wished for a dress to wear to the festival. A bird threw a gold and silver dress down to her along with silk slippers (Grimm 242-243).  The King’s son danced with her the entire night. She attended the festival, and got away from the King’s son all three nights of the festival. The last night the King’s son put pitch on the stairs so when she left her shoe would stick to the stairs. When the King’s son picked up the shoe he said “No one shall be my wife but she whose foot this golden slipper fits.” The two stepsisters tried on the shoe, but they did not fit into it. (Grimm 244-245). The King’s son went back to the house and discovered that Cinderella was still there, and he demanded that she try on the shoe. The shoe fit Cinderella and when they left on his horse past the hazel tree, two white doves sang that there was no blood that the true bride is with you. The day of their wedding, her stepsisters came and wanted to get on Cinderellas good side just for her good fortune. That day pigeons pecked out their eyes to punish them for eternity for their wickedness (Grimm 245).

   Fairy Tales are interpreted in many different ways to many different people. Some people think that fairy tales have a hidden meaning, others feel that they are to help us with our problems and teach us about the world. Some people believe that they are simply a waste of time. Child psychologist Bruno Bettelheim believes that ‘…fairy tales have a powerful therapeutic value, teaching children that a struggle against severe difficulties in life is unavoidable. If one does not shy away…but steadfastly meets unexpected and often unjust hardships, one masters all obstacles and at the end emerges victorious’(Tartar 231). Bettelheim describes the definition of a true fairy tale by using an analytical tool that explains that a fairy tale is; emotionally helpful to the reader, teaches the reader that there will be life struggles that are unavoidable, and that if the reader can overcome all the obstacles given to them they will sooner or later become victorious. The version of “Cinderella” that Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm wrote shows that characters must endure hardships in order to emerge victorious.

People face discouraging obstacles everyday in life that are unavoidable, and most fairy tale authors make their characters endure many problems as well. In the version of “Cinderella” by Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm, her mother became ill and passed away. Her father married a wicked lady who already had two evil daughters. Cinderella’s stepmother and daughters took away all of her nice clothes, and gave her wooden shoes and rags to wear. They also forced her to do many of the chores such as carry water, light fires, cook and clean. Another reason to show that her stepmother was evil was she took away Cinderella’s bed. She had to sleep by the fire in the pile of ashes, and this is why her stepmother and sisters called her Cinderella, because she was always dusty and dirty. Her stepsisters were very cruel to Cinderella, they would mock her and dump out the lentils into the ash so Cinderella had to pick them out one by one (Grimm 241). The evening of the festival for the King’s son, Cinderella helped her demanding stepsisters get ready for the night. Once she was done making them look beautiful, she asked her stepmother to go to the festival as well. Her stepmother said no at first, but then she dumped a bowl of lentils into the ash and told Cinderella that if she could pick them out in hour she was able to go to the festival. Cinderella asked for help from birds, and in under an hour they picked all of the lentils out of the ash. Cinderella asked her stepmother if she could go to the festival now and her stepmother said “All this will not help thee; thou goest not with us, for thou hast no clothes and canst not dance; we should be ashamed of thee” (Grimm 242). Cinderella faced many heart wrenching problems that she could not avoid, proving that the first part of Bettelheim’s analytical tool is correct, some problems in life are unavoidable.

When people stay positive and good hearted, they eventually overcome any obstacle thrown their way and emerge out of the fight with a victory.  Cinderella stayed pious and good the entire story, even though her stepmother and sisters were cruel to her. For example, when she was told that she was not allowed to attend the festival she went to her mothers tree and began to weep, and wished for a dress so she could go to the festival.  Cinderella received the dress and attended the festival all three of the nights (Grimm 243-244). She was the prettiest girl there and nobody knew that it was her. She never told anyone or bragged to her sisters that it was her who the King’s son loves. When the King’s son had possession of Cinderella’s shoe he asked Cinderella’s step sisters to try it on to see if they are his bride. They cut off parts of their feet in order for the shoe to fit. They were willing to lie and cut off parts of their feet in order to be with the King’s son (Grimm 244). When the King’s son took the girls out on his horse, two pigeons said “Turn and peep, turn and peep, there’s blood within the shoe, the shoe it is too small for her, the true bride waits for you” (Grimm 244). The King’s son went back inside to have Cinderella try on the shoe, and it was a perfect fit. He realized that second that she was his soon to be bride (Grimm 245). The day of their wedding, her stepsisters attended the wedding pretending to love her, so Cinderella can share some of the wealth she has gained by becoming the princess. Before and after the wedding ceremony two pigeons pecked out both of their eyes, causing them to be punished forever for their dishonesty (Grimm 245). Cinderella suffered through all of her stepmother and stepsisters treatments, but did not give up and ended up victorious with the happy ending.

This version of “Cinderella” by Jakob and Wilhem Grimm proves; having “a powerful therapeutic value” is in every fairy tale. This story shows that Cinderella has had many unavoidable problems forced upon her, such as her mother dying, having an evil step family, and becoming their servant (Grimm 241). She ended up overcoming those problems by staying positive and never giving up. Cinderella visited her mothers grave any time she needed help, and her mother helped her by sending birds to her aid. Even though her stepmother and sister were evil she did every chore she was supposed to, knowing that in due time she was going to able to leave. Cinderella was the servant to a wicked family, then she married the King’s son and escaped by becoming the princess (Grimm 245). Cinderella shows therapeutic value because at the end of the story she is victorious and endured all of the problems thrown her way. Children should read all fairy tales because they are not just written for entertainment; they have true meanings, and lessons to be taught. Children who are facing hardships at home might receive inspiration from reading fairy tales, and might make the child push harder to become victorious and not give up. Children know the world has evil in it, but we can not tell a child some of the horrible things that go on in the world, because they have to learn as they grow older. This fairy tale helps readers understand that any obstacles they face can be overcome and they can achieve their dreams.